De Zon

De Zon (literally: The Sun) is an early summer music festival for those who don’t take the music and event world too serious. It caters to an in-crowd, by offering them a fun parody to all the ‘mainstream underground’ events around every other weekend. Cover bands, tropical theatre, plus many local artist and crazy antics everywhere. A vacation in your own town!

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June 9th 2019

NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

Ki/Ki / Zombies in Miami

May 20th 2018

Blijburg, Amsterdam

Trance Wax / Lauer / RSS Disco

June 4th 2017

Blijburg, Amsterdam

Robag Wruhme / Nuno dos Santos

May 22nd 2016

Playa los Sloterdikos, Amsterdam

Manamana / Session Victim

May 24th 2015

De Oeverlanden, Amsterdam

Antal / Massimiliano Pagliara

May 25th 2014

De Oeverlanden, Amsterdam

Alle Farben / Culoe de Song

May 19th 2013

Sportpark Spieringhorn, Amsterdam

KiNK / Marek Hemmann

May 20th 2012

Sportpark Spieringhorn, Amsterdam

Todd Terje / Dekmantel Soundsystem