Next Monday’s Hangover

Amsterdam based event concept founded in 2011.

Next Monday’s Hangover is focused on exploring the space where the emotive storytelling vocals and melodies of indie music meet the hypnotising characteristics of deep electronics.

It’s often said that event concepts have an expiration date, but our pronounced musical vision and eagerness to keep evolving has led us on an adventure that is still adding new chapters and drawing in the crowds after seven years.

Resident DJ and programmer: Some Chemistry.

Previously with..

Âme · Apparat · Bicep · Daniel Avery · Dixon · DJ Koze · DJ Tennis · Gerd Janson · Gold Panda · James Holden · Jennifer Cardini · Job Jobse · Kiasmos · KiNK · Konstantin · Mano Le Tough · Mind Against · Pachanga Boys · Pantha Du Prince · Rampue · Red Axes · Robag Wruhme · Weval
& many more





April 26th 2018

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

DJ Tennis / Jennifer Cardini

December 30th 2017

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Red Axes / Marvin & Guy

December 29th 2017

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Konstantin / Map.ache

October 21st 2017

Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam

Giegling showcase

October 20th 2017

Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam

Innervisions showcase

April 1st 2017

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Kiasmos / Marvin & Guy

December 30th 2016

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Bicep / Gerd Janson

September 30th 2016

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

George Fitzgerald / Robag Wruhme

May 28th 2016

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Gold Panda / Dauwd / Pional

April 2nd 2016

Ritter Butzke, Berlin

Baikal / Steffen Bennemann / Dave DK

March 12th 2016

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

DJ Koze / Isolée

December 27th 2015

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Jennifer Cardini / Rampue / Weval

October 18th 2015

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Mano le Tough / Job Jobse / Jennifer Cardini

September 12th 2015

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Pachanga Boys / Culoe de Song / Massimiliano Pagliara

February 20th 2015

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Extrawelt / CW/A / Dauwd

December 27th 2014

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Stimming / Mind Against

October 17th 2014

De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

DJ Koze / Robag Whrume / Axel Boman

September 20th 2014

Roest, Amsterdam

DJ Tennis / Pachanga Boys / Robag Whrume

March 15th 2014

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Daniel Avery / Job Jobse / Petar Dundov

December 28th 2013

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Kollektiv Turmstrasse / Mind Against

September 8th 2013

Houthavens, Amsterdam

Robag Whrume / COMA / Rampue

June 1st 2013

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Daniel Avery / Aril Brikha / Marcug Worgull

April 6th 2013

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

Apparat / Pantha du Prince / Dominik Eulberg

February 23rd 2013

Houthavens, Amsterdam

Friends & Residents

January 1st 2013

Velodrome, Amsterdam

KiNK / Robert Babicz / Monkey Safari

March 24th 2012

Jaap Eden IJsbaan, Amsterdam

Gabriel Ananda / Aril Brikha

December 30th 2011

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

Joris Delacroix / And.ID / Arjuna Schiks

November 19th 2011

Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

H.O.S.H. / Robert Babicz / Satori

August 14th 2011

Gaasperplas, Amsterdam

Lone / AKA AKA / Joris Delacroix

March 5th 2011

Rhoneweg, Amsterdam

Arjuna Schiks / Jorn Liefdeshuis