Once in a Blue Moon

“We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.”

Dedicated to the music heard during steaming, neverending after hours.

Usually at home in Ruigoord’s Church.

Previously with..

Holger Hecler · Martha van Straaten · Mira · Satori · Some Chemistry · Sutsche · Rampue · RSS Disco · Trippin Jaguar ·  URSL · Voodoohop
& Many More





May 13th 2017

Ruigoord Church, Ruigoord

Satori + The Band From Space

March 18th 2017

Ruigoord Church, Ruigoord

RSS Disco / Holger Hecler

February 4th 2017

Ruigoord Church, Ruigoord


November 25th 2016

Radion, Amsterdam

Mira / Martha van Straaten

October 21st 2016

Atelier, Amsterdam

URSL showcase

May 14th 2016

Ruigoord Church, Ruigoord

Satori / Voodoohop

March 19th 2016

Ruigoord Church, Ruigoord

Rampue / Some Chemistry

November 7th 2015

Secret, Amsterdam

RSS Disco / Trippin Jaguar

October 16th 2015

ITW loods, Amsterdam

URSL showcase

June 13th 2015

Cruquiusgilde, Amsterdam

Sutsche / Ataypura